10 Tips For Staying Fit & Healthy

Everybody wants to stay fit & healthy,at least i certainly do, if you are reading this article then you obviously do too.

Staying fit & healthy certainly is a reflection of well being and to a large extent a happy and satisfying life.

Many people have different strategies to ensure they are fit and most importantly healthy.

These strategies often range from hitting the gym,taking a morning or evening jog,watching what you eat,e.t.c some people sum up all these into the cliche “workout,eat well and get enough sleep”.

However once you’ve worked hard to achieve fitness and health,the real task of how to stay fit and healthy or rather maintain your achievements sets in.We take a look at how to stay fit and healthy ensuring you don’t negate your hard gained achievements.

The following well researched tips will help you stay fit and healthy.


1.Eat well

There is a thin line between eating well and starving yourself.A good meal should be able to provide all the requirements of your body.Get the right amount of carbohydrates to give you energy,proteins for your muscles,vitamins e.t.c

2.Develop an exercise routine

Develop an exercise routine to help you maintain your muscle tone and preserve your progress.Muscles generally obey the law of use and disuse,when you don’t exercise your muscles frequently you end up losing their definition or worse still the muscle diminishing .

3.Sleep well

If our bodies were a spring that start stretching when we get up early in the morning,then sleep time would be the time that the spring unwinds and returns to its normal state.Sleep is very important for a healthy lifestyle.

4.Pay attention to your body

Our bodies work as systems that send alarm when something isn’t right in the system.If you feel any anomaly or discomfort in your body it is advisable for you to visit a doctor and have a check up,as they say,the earlier the better.

5.Manage stress

Live a life with little to no stress.Reduce stress by managing your time better and having realistic expectations of yourself.A healthy mindset is an asset.


Water has a myriad of purposes in our bodies.Apart from re-hydrating your muscle fibers,water has the important role of flushing out toxins from our bodies.

7.Avoid smoking and alcohol

For a healthy life,you simply must give smoking and alcohol a wide berth.Smoking damages your lungs and in extension your skin while it’s a known fact that alcohol damages your liver and kidneys.

8.Enjoy what you do

The simple golden rule of life is to enjoy what you do.That simple.

9.Strike a balance

It is incredibly important to strike a balance between working and resting,you need both for a healthy life.

10.Seek professional counsel

You have to seek professional help of a fitness coach or physician to help you come up with a good plan e.g work out routine , diet balance e.t.c.

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