Best Metal Detector For Beginners

For those just starting out in the fun and sometimes profitable hobby of metal detecting, the best way to develop the basic skills necessary and be successful in finding objects that are desirable is to purchase a beginner metal detector.

While there are many metal detectors available on the market, the most suitable type for beginners are detectors that are simple to use and do not have a lot of advanced features and functions that can be confusing and overwhelming to the beginner.

If you are interested in getting started in the enjoyable hobby of metal detecting, the following information will give you some tips on metal detecting and selecting a beginner metal detector that is the most suitable for you.

Factors to Consider when Selecting your First Detector

The most important factor that you need to determine prior to selecting a beginner metal detector is the areas you will be primarily utilizing your metal detector. For metal detecting primarily on dry land such as your backyard, woods, playgrounds, fairgrounds, parks, etc., an all purpose land or relic detector will be suitable.

The coil on the bottom of most of these metal detectors is waterproof and can be used near the edge of water or submerged a few inches, however, the electronic components that are contained in the housing near the top of the detector are not waterproof the detector will become damaged if it is dropped or submerged in water. For further information on beach detectors click here.

If you live near the ocean or other large bodies of water and want to utilize your metal detector in or under the water to find objects, you will need to purchase a detector that is waterproof. While many individuals assume that the depth range of a metal detector is one of the most important factors, this is not the case as the majority of metal detectors are all about the same when it comes to their range of depth detection except for models that are highly advanced and extremely expensive.

Another important feature that a beginner metal detector should have is a display screen that shows the type of metal detected.

A good beginner metal detector will also have a setting that can be adjusted for the level of discrimination. This discrimination setting allows you the ability to “tell” your detector to eliminate or ignore certain objects such as rusty nails, aluminum cans, or other unwanted objects and target only desirable items that contain metals such as gold and silver.

However, what many individuals who are starting out in the hobby of metal detecting do not understand is that in some circumstances it is not beneficial not to set the level of discrimination to high as certain objects such as coins made out of nickel and even gold rings can be missed as they produce the same conductivity reading as aluminum pull tabs.

Tips for A Newbie

If you are utilizing your detector in an area that contains a high amount of “junk” or “trash”, then you will most likely want to set the discrimination level of your metal detector higher in order to avoid consistently digging up undesirable items.

However, in areas that have a minimal amount of trash you can set this level lower which will reduce your chances of missing the valuable items.

In order to avoid any disappointment in the performance of your metal detector it is best to purchase an entry level or beginner metal detector from a reputable manufacturer and avoid purchasing the inexpensive models seen in mass retail or toy stores.

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